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Here Are 3 New Ways to Control Your Motorized Shades


Tired of Using a Tablet? Unlock the True Potential of Your Smart Shades

If you live in a home with smart technologies, then you already experience the benefits of motorized shades. They offer the perfect way to control natural light and heat – without cords and rods. Touch one button or icon, and you change the look, feel, and climate in your rooms. No need to get out of your seat to do it!

But did you know that operating the smart shades in your Bay Area home can be even easier? A smart home system from Control4 or Savant offers everyday shading solutions to elevate your lifestyle in new ways. Keep reading to learn about three motorized shade control options that you may not have known about. 

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No Buttons & No Icons

Controlling your motorized shades with one touch of a button is convenient but going hands-free is even better. Lutron has partnered with Josh.ai (a voice control assistant) to make shading control so much easier. Josh is a natural-language voice assistant that understands how you speak. Talk to it like you talk to a friend, such as “Hey Josh. Raise the motorized shades in my bedroom halfway.” 

Even if you don’t use Josh.ai, other voice assistants like Alexa work beautifully with your smart home system. Just say the word, and your home responds – the shades, lights, audio-video systems, and home security. You won’t need to pick up a remote or touch a smart device! 

They’ve Got a Mind of Their Own!

Don’t want to touch or speak? No problem. Let your motorized shades think for themselves. You may not have time to think about raising and lowering your shades, or you’d rather let your home take complete control of such things. By programming your Lutron shades to operate at certain times during the day and night, you never need to worry about natural light control and privacy concerns. This is perfect for homeowners who adhere to a daily routine. 

Or, let the sun operate your shades. As the morning sun peeks over the horizon, light sensors signal your shades to slowly rise. You can even program them to lift halfway and then all the way up later in the morning. As the day comes to a close, so do your shades. They respond to the setting sun by lowering throughout your home. 

Shade Control Wherever You Are

Whether you’re at the office or on vacation, you probably like the peace of mind you get from checking your home’s security cameras from your smartphone. When you have a Control4 or Savant app on your phone, you can do the same thing with your motorized shades. Raise and lower them at will. Not that you’ll be staring at your home the entire time you’re away, but controlling your shades from afar gives your home the appearance of occupancy when you’re not there. 

Don’t miss out on optimizing your motorized shading system. Learn how Hermary’s can help by calling (415) 993-7600, chatting with us below, or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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