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The Everyday and Exceptional Benefits of Motorized Shades


How Smart Shades Add Convenience to Your Day and Luxury to Your Life

Smart lighting control is a technology that has changed the way we interact with the natural and artificial lights in our homes. At the tap of a button or icon on a smart home tablet, you can adjust the lights and motorized shades in a room without getting up from your seat. This is something that was unheard of decades ago. Now, it’s all possible due to smart home automation.

But what does it look like? That is, what are the practical benefits in your day-to-day life? In this blog, we’ll take you through a day in the life of motorized shades and lighting control. Keep reading to see why you need smart window treatments in your Bay Area, CA, home.


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Rise and Shine with Smart Window Treatments

Whether you’re a morning person or not, motorized window treatments are the perfect additions to your smart home. Premium products from makers like Lutron and Screen Innovations transform your mornings – making them more pleasant. In fact, if you’re a night owl, you may even start to enjoy getting up!

After you schedule smart shades to operate at a specific time (or enable the light sensors), your window treatments automatically and silently rise to let in the warm morning sunlight. It’s a much better way to wake up. The Duo model from Screen Innovations is two shades in one. The outer room-darkening fabric can lift in the morning while the sheer light-filtering fabric stays in place, providing a beautiful soft glow in your room.

Add smart lighting and whole-home audio too. As your shades rise, your favorite tunes play softly through your in-room speaker system while the smart lights gradually illuminate as you stir from sleep.


Motorized Shades That Make Your Day!

How often do you adjust your non-motorized shades each day? It’s probably more than you realize. If you have a home with many windows or hard-to-reach ones, then your job is even more challenging. Smart shades make everything more convenient. As you prepare breakfast or lunch, tap a button to raise or lower them in your living room or kitchen. In fact, if you use a voice assistant, you can say the word, and your shades respond! Isn’t that easier than manually adjusting them?

If you have young children, and they just went down for a nap, but the sun is shining through their windows, use your smart tablet to lower the shades remotely. Then, they’ll sleep peacefully and undisturbed. Do the same thing for yourself when you’re napping on the couch or watching a TV show. Lower the shades by using your smart device. It’s easy and luxurious!


Nighttime is the Right Time for Smart Shades

Movie time is always something to look forward to if you have a home theater. Settle back in your luxury theater seats, tap a scene in your smart tablet, and all the technologies (the lights and AV) adjust to your specifications. But don’t forget your motorized shades. When installed in your private cinema, they not only block out any ambient light, but they are so simple to control. Add them into your “Movie Night” scene, and they respond with all the other technologies.

Now that it’s bedtime, you’ve nestled under the covers to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. But wait! You forgot to close the shades in your room – or perhaps in the entire house. Instead of getting up, talk to your voice assistant that’s integrated with your smart home: “Alexa, close all the shades in my home.” Then you and your family will have complete privacy and sweet dreams.


Find out more about your options for motorized shades as well as other smart home technologies. Call Hermary’s at 415-993-7600 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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