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3 Questions to Help You Choose the Perfect Home Theater System


Match Your Theater Equipment to Your Entertainment Preferences

The neat thing about customizing your home theater system is that you can combine various components to create the movie-watching experience you want. Your home theater should be your retreat, a place to immerse yourself in the latest cinematic adventures of your choosing. Don’t leave this up to some out-of-the-box electronics company to decide! 

If you want a system tailored to your lifestyle and preferences, here are three key questions to help you navigate shopping. Of course, the entertainment experts at Hermary’s are also available to help our Bay Area shoppers.

The Incredible Features Found in Today’s Lighting Control System


Create the Perfect Mood & Setting for Life’s Many Activities

In most homes in the Bay Area, a lighting control system consists of an on-and-off switch. It’s a fixture that’s become such an everyday part of our lives that we use it without conscious awareness. We walk into a room and flip the switch, illuminating our lights. We walk out and, hopefully, remember to turn the lights off. 

We may turn on a desk light when we’re working or a lamp when we’re reading, but, for the most part, our lights remain relatively constant. But we, as humans, are anything but constant. Our moods change with the time, day, and season. Our activities fluctuate at a moment's notice. One minute we're relaxing, and the next, playing with the kids. In the evening, we enjoy dining al fresco or entertaining a group of friends or colleagues.

Our lighting should reflect our moods, activities, and daily tasks. It should automatically light the way when we arrive home in the evening and turn off when it’s time for bed. Thanks to today’s smart lighting control systems, it can.

Let’s explore the possibilities.

Optimized Home Networking for Work, School, and Entertainment


Learn How Your Home Can Have a Fast and Reliable Internet Connection

Do you have the speed you need for your home network? Your internet and Wi-Fi may have worked perfectly several years ago, but now it’s lagging. There’s a good reason why, too! As you add more Wi-Fi devices to your home networking system as well as connected smart products, it puts a strain on your network’s bandwidth. At the same time, your router will have trouble communicating wirelessly to so many devices simultaneously.

The only solution is to upgrade your system so it can handle all your devices, including your phones, computers, and smart home technologies. By installing advanced routers, Wi-Fi extenders, and enterprise-grade network solutions, Hermary’s ensures you always have a strong and stable connection at your Bay Area home. Keep reading to discover more.


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