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Why You Need A Smart Multi-Room Audio System

A Control4 tablet sits on a marble counter. It is playing the song Lights Out through the Deezer app.

Check out the features that set Control4 apart from a traditional audio system

How often do you listen to music in your home? Most homeowners like to put on their favorite tunes as they do housework or relax after a long day. What if you could enjoy your music, play your record collection, stream your TV audio, and listen to the latest audiobook or podcast no matter where you are in your home? Whole-home audio makes this possible! Speakers will be installed in every room of your home to provide even coverage, and with just a tap, you can listen to the same song throughout your property or different audio in every room of your house.

Some audio systems, however, are smarter than others. Discover three reasons that it is better to have a smart multi-room audio system from Control4 in Hillsborough, CA.


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