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How Whole-Home Audio Integrates into Your Everyday Life

A Control4 dashboard showing whole home music.

Enhance the Routine of Your Entire Family with Premium Distributed Audio

Imagine tapping a few buttons on your phone, and the entire room fills with your favorite song. You don’t need to search for that portable speaker that always seems to be dead or locate your headphones. Every corner of the room will be full of even, high-fidelity audio however and whenever you want.

That’s the beauty of whole-home audio. With a multi-room speaker system from brands like Control4, you can seamlessly queue up your favorite music at any time in any room right from your phone. Additionally, you can automate it to suit your schedule. Check out these few ways whole-home audio could integrate into your everyday life in your Bay Area home.

Listen to The Beat From Wherever You Are

A living room with stand-alone speakers and a receiver.

Dance, Relax, and Celebrate this Holiday Season with a Whole Home Audio System 

Are you and your family ready for the holiday season? You probably already are, but is your home set too? 

Whether hosting a New Years party, Thanksgiving dinner, or any other family gathering, a whole home audio system is the perfect complement to great costumes and grandma’s secret turkey recipe. 

At Hermary’s, we design, install, and support cutting-edge technology systems for clients in the Bay Area. From hidden kitchen speakers to surround sound for your home theater, we’ve got everything you need to make these holidays unforgettable for everyone at home. 

Here are three ways whole home audio is the perfect addition to your home technology systems this holiday season. 


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