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Transform Your Home with Natural Light

Lutron shades half-drawn over windows, letting sunlight into a home’s interior.

Let Smart Shades Effortlessly Manage Daylight and Privacy

When people consider upgrading their home’s lighting, many think about incorporating the latest high-performance LED lights. These lights provide stunning illumination that changes with the touch of a button or voice command. There is, however, another light that’s often overshadowed by today’s high-tech advancements. It’s the light that illuminates the world—natural light. 

When it streams through windows, it brings beauty, warmth, and ambient lighting. When it graces textures and materials, it brings them to life, revealing their richness and intricate designs. Colors stand out, and shadows form intrigue. It can also enhance our health and improve our moods.

Unfortunately, it also harms our home’s interior. Its UV rays fade and damage wood flooring, photographs, and artwork. And so, we close our shades and miss out on the gifts natural light brings.

That is, until we embrace smart shades in our Bay Area homes.

Let’s discover the role these intelligent window coverings play in letting the light of the world shine.

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The Fun & Functional Benefits of Motorized Shades


Discover How Smart Shades Offer Ambiance, Heat Control, & Light Control in Your Rooms

Most homeowners want window shades for two purposes: light control and more privacy. They don’t need to be fancy. Even the most basic window treatments do the trick. In fact, you could even hang a towel over your window. But why wouldn’t you do it in your home? Deep down, you know why. It’s because you want your blinds and shades to be more than functional aspects of your Bay Area home. They should also add appeal to your rooms, and dare we say, luxury to your life!

Instead of settling for store-bought shades that address only your light control and privacy needs, consider motorized shades that offer a smarter way to live and a better look in your rooms. Keep reading to see how smart shades are fun, fabulous, and functional.

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