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Experience The Elegance Motorized Shades Bring to Your Home

Living room featuring sheer blinds and roller shades on the windows and glass door.

Battery-Powered Shades Convey Luxury Design To All Your Rooms

Motorized shades bring functional benefits to your Bay Area residence beyond their great aesthetics. These shades will help you reduce energy costs by lightening the load your HVAC system carries throughout the day to keep your rooms warmer or colder; plus, these shades will help protect your furniture, hardwood floors, and art piece in your home from harmful UV rays. 

All from a one-touch control that could be via a tablet, remote or an app on your phone. It used to be necessary to drill holes in the walls of your home to incorporate wiring and achieve full control of the shades; however, now it is much easier and less invasive with battery-powered motorized shades. Continue reading to learn more about our motorized shade solutions.



Motorized shades are designed to blend into your spaces to suit your needs. These shades are designed with polished aluminum tubing, and their brackets help conceal the technology behind their functionality, allowing you to easily manage the entry of light into your spaces while maintaining the beauty of your home. Thanks to innovative technology form our shading partners, motors have become more silent and allow you to keep a low profile while keeping luxury, style and comfort. You can add these shades anywhere in your home with applications available for large and uniquely shaped windows. Some are even available for sun lights or angled windows. 


The light that enters your residence is of significant importance as it nourishes a favorable atmosphere for every moment of the day and your family's daily activities. But when you let the exterior light in all day long, it can create an environment that is too warm and uncomfortable, or if you leave the blinds fully closed, you may face a cold and dim space. 

When motorized blinds are automated, you can obtain areas with better use of lighting and comfortable environments for your family. Through sensors and time sequences, motorized shades will move according to the conditions of each room or even the entire house, maintaining exceptional comfort for you and your family while helping you save money.


Integrating your motorized shades into your home control system will allow you to keep every space in order. With control systems like Lutron, you can manage the basic aspects of your home, such as lighting and shades, from elegant on-wall keypads, dedicated touchpads and mobile apps. 

The advantages of having motorized shades will be reflected from day one of their installations, completely improving your lifestyle. Motorized shades and window treatments are just one more step in your Bay Area residence's smart home upgrade. We are sure it will greatly benefit you and your family.

Let us craft an unparalleled motorized shades solution that brings efficiency, beauty, and comfort to your property. Contact us!

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