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Bring Music to the Outdoors with Poolside Audio

Pool with audio system in back patio of house, lit up at dusk.

Add the Soundtrack to All Your Pool Fun

With spring here in Northern California, your outdoor spaces become a prime area for entertainment of family and friends. Having a powerful audio system for your San Francisco home is the key to achieve the quality entertainment you've been looking for in your backyard activities.

You can take all your parties and outdoor activities to the next level with your favorite music through a high-performance poolside audio system. Want to know how? Keep reading to learn more about poolside audio.



The first thing to consider is how your outdoor speakers will be powered. If you already have a whole-home audio system or home theater, you can add new poolside speakers by integrating them as an additional zone to your existing system. Our recommendation is to hire a professional like Hermary's for the job as this type of setup will involve new wiring and extra amplification to power your new set of speakers. Although it may seem like a DIY task; our technicians will safely run the underground wiring from the pool area to your home to ensure a tidy and seamless. Your pool area will be able to take advantage of all your current audio sources such as streaming apps and music libraries.


To ensure that the audio is heard in the best possible way, your speakers should be placed evenly around the pool and outdoor area where you want high-quality audio. Your pool audio system can integrate speakers that go unnoticed with landscape or on-wall speakers that blend in with your home to provide optimal audio while maintaining your outdoor area’s beauty.

You may be wondering if there is any danger in having speakers near water; the answer is no as outdoor speakers are designed to withstand the elements all year round. These speakers are resistant to water, dust, heat, and cold, ensuring that your audio will always deliver quality audio and your speakers will remain intact.


Using your existing home AV system or a whole home audio solution,  in addition to allowing you to integrate your poolside speakers, will allow you to manage music sources and volume with a smartphone or tablet app, making it easy to control your outside entertainment.

Hermary's can design and install a pool sound system completely tailored to your space and needs. Contact us today, and let's get your project started!

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