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4 Ways You Can Take Control of Your Smart Home


Discover the Versatility, Convenience, and Luxury of a Smart Home Automation System 

In the early 1950s, black and white televisions became commonplace in homes. By 1956, more than half of U.S. homes had a television. No new invention had entered homes faster than the TV. Even though it was a modern marvel, there was only one way to control it: twist the knob to turn it on and off. Now, we can adjust our TVs in a myriad of ways – manually, by remote, or with smart home automation

If you already live in a smart home, ask yourself this question: Are you controlling your smart technologies only one way? While using a touchpad is certainly more convenient than manually adjusting your lights, TVs, and motorized shades, you have other options too – ones that add even more luxury to your life. Keep reading to discover all four ways you can take control of your Bay Area smart home. 

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1. One-Touch Smart Home Control

You’re accustomed to having one-touch control of your devices. After all, you do it with your phone, your smart remote, and other wireless products. But imagine what it’s like to integrate all your home’s technologies into one system. That’s what a Control4 or Savant smart home system does! 

Using a tablet, smartphone app, or smart home remote, you simply select the system and make any adjustments you want. Lower the motorized shades, dim the lights, turn on the multi-room sound system, or review surveillance footage with just a tap. No need to get up from your seat to do any of it!

2. Just Talk! Your Home Is Listening

Voice-control technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Today’s smart home automation systems let you adjust all your home’s technologies by saying a command. For example, “Alexa, turn on the living room lights,” or “Alexa, play John Mayer through my whole-home sound system.” You can even send text messages to someone! It’s a no-hands approach to smart home automation. 

Isn’t that a perfect automation solution when you have your hands full? Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen, holding groceries, putting the kids to bed, or enjoying a dip in the hot tub, you can control any technology simply by saying a word. 

3. Remote Control from Miles Away

Stress-free living begins with home automation. Not only is it a perfect way to interact with your home, but you can do so from anywhere – your bedroom, your outdoor spaces, and miles away. If you’re concerned about home security when you’re on vacation, check on the system right from your smartphone or laptop. You can view live and recorded footage, unlock and lock the doors, and even control the lighting and motorized shades. 

Although automated smart scenes give your home the appearance of occupancy, it’s nice to be able to take command of your home when necessary. In fact, if you have a video doorbell, it alerts you when someone is on your porch. Then you can speak with the person via a two-way communication system. They’ll even think you’re home. 

4. GeofencingAutomation: No-Touch & No-Voice 

Here’s a completely hands-off approach to smart home automation. Geofencing lets you preprogram any home technology to operate based on your location. It uses your smartphone to identify where you are. 

For example, when you leave your house, the geofencing system takes over. The smart security system turns on, the doors lock, and the climate adjusts based on your settings. Then, when you come home, the system detects your presence. The indoor lights turn on, and the doors unlock. You can even set your whole-home sound system to turn on with your favorite tunes. It’s almost like your smart home is another member of your family!

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