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Experience a Home Network that Easily Supports Your Smart Home

A woman sitting in a chair overlooking the city. She’s holding an iPad displaying the Savant home automation app.

Smart Home Wi-Fi Delivers Corner-to-Corner Fast, Reliable Coverage

Today’s world is more connected than ever. From laptops to streaming services, gaming consoles, and video conferencing, the demand on our home networks has grown exponentially. When you add the many connected devices found in a smart home, including 4K HDR TVs, full-spectrum LED lighting, security cameras, and more, it's clear that, unless you’ve upgraded your system to support this interconnectivity, you could experience slow and dropped connections and reduced reliability when outdoors. 

Fortunately, there are indications that let you know your smart home Wi-Fi can no longer support your needs. The time to explore an upgrade is when these signs first start appearing, before increasing frustration and grainy video calls. Let's explore the warnings and what you can do to ensure fast, reliable, corner-to-corner internet coverage for your Bay Area home. 

Don’t Make a Mess with Mesh Networks


Achieve a Stable and Strong Connection with Advanced Smart Home Wi-Fi

Few things are more frustrating in our Wi-Fi world than dealing with buffering videos, poor connections with smart devices, and sluggish responses when you’re browsing the internet or social media. It’s even worse when you need reliable Wi-Fi for home security and other smart home systems. What’s the solution? Some would suggest installing a mesh network. But that can get very messy!

Mesh isn’t always the answer. In fact, it can sometimes cause more problems. Instead, if you want to have strong Wi-Fi signals throughout your property in the Bay Area, smart home Wi-Fi is the solution. Keep reading to see how to fix your Wi-Fi problems. 


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