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Transform Your Home with Natural Light

Lutron shades half-drawn over windows, letting sunlight into a home’s interior.

Let Smart Shades Effortlessly Manage Daylight and Privacy

When people consider upgrading their home’s lighting, many think about incorporating the latest high-performance LED lights. These lights provide stunning illumination that changes with the touch of a button or voice command. There is, however, another light that’s often overshadowed by today’s high-tech advancements. It’s the light that illuminates the world—natural light. 

When it streams through windows, it brings beauty, warmth, and ambient lighting. When it graces textures and materials, it brings them to life, revealing their richness and intricate designs. Colors stand out, and shadows form intrigue. It can also enhance our health and improve our moods.

Unfortunately, it also harms our home’s interior. Its UV rays fade and damage wood flooring, photographs, and artwork. And so, we close our shades and miss out on the gifts natural light brings.

That is, until we embrace smart shades in our Bay Area homes.

Let’s discover the role these intelligent window coverings play in letting the light of the world shine.

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Create a Private Retreat While Embracing Natural Light

A luxury bedroom has sheer shades by Lutron that let sunlight in.

Make Your Spaces Beautiful and Comfortable at the Same Time with Motorized Shades!

Privacy is an essential aspect of any home where its occupants are safe, happy, and at peace. If you want to create an environment where your family feels comfortable and secure, adding home technologies that enhance your privacy is the first step. However, you should be careful that this pursuit of privacy and safety doesn’t come at the cost of making your home unwelcoming or unattractive. Luckily, at Hermary’s, we have the ideal solution to combine the best of both worlds. 

By incorporating motorized shades into your home, you can effortlessly create a home that provides the perfect balance between privacy and embracing the beauty of natural light. Keep reading to find out more about this solution and how it can improve your lifestyle in the Bay Area.

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Enjoy More Shade & Fewer Insects with Outdoor Motorized Shades

Sheer, black motorized shades lowered in a patio living area.

Experience Outdoor Shades That Lower in a Press of a Button 

When most homeowners create an outdoor living space, they bring out weatherproof furniture, a grill, and hang some string lights. But for extra comfort, have you considered installing outdoor screens? 

It happens all too frequently. We’re enjoying our time relaxing outdoors when it starts to feel too buggy. Or we might take our laptop outside to work, only to decide the sun is too bright. But when you own outdoor motorized shades, you can block harsh sunlight, pesky insects, and pollen with a press of a button. 

Learn how motorized shades can enhance your Bay Area outdoor areas and why they make an excellent addition to any smart home system

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7 Daily Uses for Motorized Shades

Woman sitting on the couch watching a movie. She lowers motorized shades with a remote.

Use Smart Shades for More Than “Good Morning” and “Good Night”

Color-changing LEDs get a lot of attention in the lighting control world, but you’d be remiss to overlook the incredible power of motorized shades. You can program motorized shades to raise and lower independently on schedule or across the house with a single command. 

Even if you only use motorized shades in the morning and night, you’d be saving valuable time. But beyond starting and ending your day, there are other times automated window shades are an invaluable help around the house.

Here’s how motorized shades can benefit your Bay Area home each day!

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Experience The Elegance Motorized Shades Bring to Your Home

Living room featuring sheer blinds and roller shades on the windows and glass door.

Battery-Powered Shades Convey Luxury Design To All Your Rooms

Motorized shades bring functional benefits to your Bay Area residence beyond their great aesthetics. These shades will help you reduce energy costs by lightening the load your HVAC system carries throughout the day to keep your rooms warmer or colder; plus, these shades will help protect your furniture, hardwood floors, and art piece in your home from harmful UV rays. 

All from a one-touch control that could be via a tablet, remote or an app on your phone. It used to be necessary to drill holes in the walls of your home to incorporate wiring and achieve full control of the shades; however, now it is much easier and less invasive with battery-powered motorized shades. Continue reading to learn more about our motorized shade solutions.

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What Makes Lutron Palladiom Shades So Special?


Discover the 4 Distinct Features of Lutron’s Motorized Shades

Windows shades are more than simply functional. Certainly, they serve a practical purpose: privacy and light control. But there’s so much more to them. Just as your home’s lighting illuminates your rooms as well as adds ambiance, motorized shades also serve a dual purpose. Lutron Palladiom shades combine form, function, and automation to make your Bay Area home beautiful and smart.

Think differently about window treatments this year! Go from practical to smart and beautiful. In this blog, we’ll highlight four distinct features of Palladiom motorized shades by Lutron. 

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