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3 Myths About Home Theater Systems

A home theater space uses surround sound speakers from Sonance.

Don’t Let One of These Myths Stop You From Building the Home Theater of Your Dreams

We’ve heard many funny things about home theaters over the years. People have said, “it’s not a complete entertainment experience without freshly popped popcorn,” and “you should paint the room black to enjoy the movie more.” But, of course, these things aren’t requirements for a fun home theater experience. These are someone’s “nice-to-haves.”

So, what exactly is a requirement for a home theater system? Continue reading as we debunk three common myths associated with home theater systems in the Bay Area.

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4 Reasons to Install a Home Theater System

Couple watching a movie in their home theater with Sony projector.

Add Convenience, Comfort, and Class to Your Movie-Watching Experiences

Over the past decade, movie prices have skyrocketed. In 2010, one adult ticket was just over $7. Today, a ticket costs $11, and that’s a conservative estimate! By the time you pay for tickets, concessions (which are outrageously priced), and the babysitter, you’ve probably spent close to $100 for two people to enjoy an evening show. 

But you no longer have to pay high ticket prices to enjoy cinema-quality entertainment. Instead, Hermary’s can expertly design and install a luxurious home theater system in your home with the latest technology. Then, you can enjoy movies in your Bay Area home night after night – no babysitter necessary!

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Top Brands to Help You Create the Perfect Private Cinema


These Premium Products Provide Outstanding Performance for Your Home Theater System 

Knock-off brands have their appeal for some people. They look the part but at a cheaper price. The problem is you get what you pay for. A cheaper product usually means a lower-end user experience. If you want a high-end home theater system in your Bay Area home, you shouldn’t settle for brands that leave you wanting more. Instead, you need products that fulfill on their promise – a high-end home entertainment experience that is second to none.

Here’s the hard part. How do you know what brands to choose? In this blog, we’ll make it easy for you to find the best products – video, audio, seating, and more – to ensure a truly custom and inspired private cinema. Keep reading for more!


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