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A Quick Guide to Home Surveillance for Your San Francisco Home

A Pacific Heights house overlooking San Francisco Bay protected by a home surveillance system.

What to Look for and What to Avoid

In recent years, the Bay Area has seen an uptick in crime rates, making home security a top concern for residents. While the area remains vibrant and full of life, it's essential to take proactive steps to keep your home and loved ones safe. With many consumer and professionally installed surveillance options on the market, how do you know what’s best for your home? Today, we'll explore the key features you should look for and pitfalls to avoid when choosing a home surveillance system. Please continue reading!

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Home Surveillance System?


Explore the Enhanced Features Today’s Security Cameras Provide

Technology is advancing at a record pace, and that holds true for home surveillance. There was a time when we could only view our cameras’ videos from the comfort of our homes. While helpful after the fact to catch a thief, it did little to protect our home in the here and now.

Fortunately, those times have changed. So, how do you know when it’s time for an upgrade? You may be missing out on several features, depending on make, model, year, and integration. Let’s look at a few signs suggesting it's time for the latest home surveillance for your Bay Area home.

The Combined Powers of Home Surveillance & Smart Home Automation

A security camera next to a home.

Rest Easy with a Secure Smart Home 

In the past few years, home automation has become more popular than ever, with smart home security as one of the most sought-after systems. A few reasons for this growing interest include the ability to monitor your home when away and receive notifications when something out of the ordinary occurs. 

At Hermary’s, we've provided our clients in the Bay Area with easy-to-use home automation systems for 60 years. These systems automate audio, video, shades, lighting, climate, and security, creating a seamless exchange—a smart home that creates the perfect environment for life's many activities while protecting homes and families in the process.

Let’s explore how today’s home surveillance systems integrate with your smart home, creating the ultimate security. 

Home Surveillance Brings Peace of Mind Every Day


Keep Your Kids Safe with Digital Perimeters

When you consider a home surveillance system, what comes to mind? For many people, it's protecting their homes from intruders and keeping a watchful eye on their property when away. While these are undoubtedly important features, sometimes the day-to-day support it offers enhances our lives the most.

It’s being able to look in on the kids when you’re working, receiving an alert when they get home before you do, and checking in on a new babysitter that can bring the greatest peace of mind. When integrated with your Savant or Control4 home automation system, you experience effortless control.

Let’s explore how home surveillance can make life a little easier, more enjoyable, and more secure in your Bay Area home. 

Is Your Home Surveillance System Missing Something?


Discover Why Lighting Control Is an Essential Component to Home Security 

A secure home certainly starts with a robust and smart home security system. Important components like motion sensors, geofencing, mobile alerts, and remote camera and access controls all come into play when ensuring optimal security on your property. Before an intruder even gets to the front door, you’ll know he’s there, and your system will respond immediately.

Still, most homeowners forget about one technology that does just as much to ward off thieves and even catch them in the act: lighting control! Paired with your home surveillance system, indoor and outdoor lighting acts as a deterrent and an effective measure for apprehending intruders at your Bay Area home. Want to find out more? Keep reading our article below. 


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