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Welcome to the Family: Your Smart Home Security System!


How Smart Security Intuitively Watches Over Your Property and Gives You Peace of Mind

You can’t keep all eyes on your property 24 hours a day. Or can you? Instead of taking shifts to monitor your home, make smart security part of your family. A smart home security system is your eyes and ears – keeping track of everything going on inside and outside your home. Better than that, it is intuitive and able to communicate with you when it perceives a threat, or something triggers a pre-programmed event.

Make your home safer and enjoy extra peace of mind by upgrading to a smart security system that includes advanced surveillance cameras, mobile alert features, automatic locks, and much more! Read our blog to see why you need smart security at your Bay Area home.

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Smarter Than the Average Security System

Older surveillance cameras essentially do one thing: record events. And the recorders aren’t much smarter. To find an event that occurred, you must search for the day and time to view the footage. But those aren’t the only limitations. A security system that isn’t smart cannot communicate with you. It’s essentially like a toaster: just a manually controlled product! And you don’t want a toaster protecting your home, do you?

However, a smart home security system acts like it’s a member of your family. It hears, sees, and communicates with you. In fact, it recognizes faces and objects and even perceives threats. Instead of antiquated alarm systems that beeped or emitted alerts when triggered, smart security handles things in a more intelligent way. You can even search for events by entering a keyword – instead of searching through hours of footage.

The system is designed to learn your day-to-day patterns. So, if you leave a door unlocked after you go to work, it will send you a notification. Then, you simply open your smartphone app, tap an icon, and lock the door remotely. When your children come home from school, your cameras recognize their smiling faces and notify you that they’re safely home.


Seamless Control at Your Fingertips

Tech-savvy criminals won’t stand a chance if you have a smart security system. Today’s surveillance cameras capture video in high definition (even 4K). Many offer full-color night vision features. But best of all, you can control them remotely. Pan, tilt, and zoom the cameras to see your property from all angles. Also, by tapping an icon on your smart home tablet, phone, or your computer, you can view live and recorded footage from anywhere – at home or on vacation miles away.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), smart cameras not only recognize faces and objects, but they don’t get confused either. That is, you won’t receive an alert if a stray dog walks by your camera while you’re sleeping. But if someone is lurking on your porch or by a window, you’ll know it! You can even communicate with a guest (or intruder) via a two-way communication system or a video doorbell.


Would you like to make smart security a part of your family? Call Hermary’s at 415-993-7600, chat with us below, or visit our contact page to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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