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A Robust Home Network Ensures a Fully Connected Home


Home Network Installation Helps Your Smart Technologies Communicate Quickly and Efficiently

When you hear the term “home network,” you likely think about routers, modems, and Wi-Fi – those mysterious technologies that let you stream movies, perform an internet search, and browse social media. But your home network does much more than that, especially if you live in a home with smart technologies. Without a robust and updated network, your smart home would suffer the consequences. 

How does a professional home network installation improve the speed and efficiency of your smart home systems? In this blog, we’ll discuss what a state-of-the-art networking system can do for your home in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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Faster Streaming in Your Home Theater

You’ve got everything you need in your home theater – a large screen 4K or 8K TV or the newest projector, a high-end surround-sound system, luxury theater seats, ambiance-boosting lights, and smart home control at your fingertips. But did you know you can go a step further in your home theater? Say “goodbye” to buffering and “hello” to lossless video streaming! 

Lossless video compression allows the original film to be perfectly reconstructed, so 100% is retained. That includes the color, contrast, depth, pixels, and more. The film looks just like you’d see it at the movie theater. By upgrading your home network, you can even access your personal media library, such as Kaleidescape, to watch lossless media right in your private cinema. And when it comes to video streaming, you’ll never have a problem with buffering videos or lagging audio. 

Home Security at Its Finest

A home is only as safe as the security system you install. AI-powered surveillance cameras, sophisticated motion detectors, and smart door locks all ensure a safe and secure home. Still, the backbone of your home security system is your network. When you have Cat6 or fiberoptic wiring throughout your home, it guarantees a system that is always on alert and always ready to notify you if there’s an issue. 

In addition to physical security, an updated home network also improves virtual security. A home network installation from Hermary’s includes network firewalls, VPNs, and encryption. These network technologies protect your digital life, creating a virtual barrier to prevent hackers, viruses, and malware.

Why You Need Better Wi-Fi

It seems like a weak Wi-Fi signal is the bane of existence for many homeowners. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Wi-Fi extenders, wireless access points, or even a mesh network can help resolve the problem. That, along with an enterprise-grade router and modem, helps to expand your reach wherever you roam on your property. 

This is not only a solution for your mobile phone, but oftentimes, home theaters, TVs, or smart lighting, and other devices are too far away from the router to get a strong signal. Upgrading to Wi-Fi 6, installing better network cables, and switching your hardware to the newest technology create an expansive Wi-Fi space where you always have a signal.

Are you having problems with online streaming and Wi-Fi signals? The solution is easy! Call Hermary’s at (415) 993-7600, chat with us on this page, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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