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The Fun & Functional Benefits of Motorized Shades


Discover How Smart Shades Offer Ambiance, Heat Control, & Light Control in Your Rooms

Most homeowners want window shades for two purposes: light control and more privacy. They don’t need to be fancy. Even the most basic window treatments do the trick. In fact, you could even hang a towel over your window. But why wouldn’t you do it in your home? Deep down, you know why. It’s because you want your blinds and shades to be more than functional aspects of your Bay Area home. They should also add appeal to your rooms, and dare we say, luxury to your life!

Instead of settling for store-bought shades that address only your light control and privacy needs, consider motorized shades that offer a smarter way to live and a better look in your rooms. Keep reading to see how smart shades are fun, fabulous, and functional.

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Accent the Appeal of Your Home

Give your rooms more personality. It’s amazing how an oriental rug, new floors, or a splash of color on your walls improve the overall appearance of your room. The same is true with motorized shades. Available in many colors, smart window treatments from makers like Lutron and Savant add light, color, and a luxurious look to any space. For instance, light-filtering shades let you enjoy the beauty of your yard by softly filtering the sun’s harsh rays and adding color to the natural light through your windows. Motorized shades come in many designs, colors, and styles to complement your needs and décor.


Smart Shades for Home Entertainment

Not all home theaters are located in an interior room with no windows. Most are multipurpose areas that include big-screen TVs or a projector and screen system, surround-sound, comfortable seating, and a gaming area or a common area for entertaining. Since home entertainment happens any time of the day, you need motorized shades to create the right lighting atmosphere. If you’re getting ready to watch a movie, touch a button on your smart home touchpad to lower the blackout shades for complete light control and privacy. When it’s time to entertain in the evening, raise them up so everyone can enjoy the beautiful view of the setting sun.


Keep Out the Heat with Motorized Shades

California is known for its beautiful weather. But sometimes, the sun can really heat up your home. Heat-blocking shades are the perfect solution during the summer months. If you have a home with no trees by your east- or west-facing windows, then smart shades are a must. They help to maintain the perfect indoor climate and light control all year long. Best of all, you don’t have to choose between blackout or light-filtering shades. The team at Hermary’s can help you select the right shades for your needs. After installation, we can even program them to operate on a schedule or with a light sensor.


Stop Glare from Coming Through Your Windows

The scenery is beautiful, but the glare is blinding. If heat isn’t a problem, then it may be glare. You could live in an area where glare enters your windows at certain times during the day – either from the sun reflecting on the water or another surface. While light-filtering shades reduce glare, you may need a thicker material to address the issue. Motorized blinds can help too. In fact, your smart home system can automatically adjust them to achieve perfect light control in your room. Some shading models even have two shades in one – one part is a thick material that darkens the room, and the other is a sheer shade that softly filters the light.


Would you like to know more about the advantages of installing motorized shades in your home? Call Hermary’s, chat with us below, or fill out our online contact form to request a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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