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3 Things to Consider in Your Landscape Lighting Design


Make Your Bay Area Home Stand Out With Outdoor Lighting From Hermary’s

Making your home stand out in the dark is easy to do with a beautiful landscape lighting design. You can achieve an inviting and stylish outdoor aesthetic for your Bay Area home, even while also considering the function and safety that outdoor lighting can provide. Here are three things to incorporate in your landscape lighting design to achieve all of your outdoor lighting goals.

What Makes a Smart Security System?

A woman walking into her home through the front door after a vacation.

Learn About Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions from Savant

Bay Area homeowners concerned about security should look no further than the smart security system options available at Hermary’s. We offer Savant smart controls that integrate with a variety of security features to make protecting your home more efficient and effective than ever before. Continue reading to learn about the features of a smart security system and how Savant’s innovative controls can help you become a master of home security.

How to Choose Lutron Automated Blinds for Your Bay Area Home

Lutron automated blinds dawn halfway in two windows in a living room.

Explore the Benefits and Uses for Lutron’s Family of Shades

Lutron automated blinds are a popular choice for homeowners because they offer an impressive collection of stylish, automated, and energy-efficient options. Whether you’re looking to improve privacy, control light, or add some elegance to your Bay Area home, Lutron has an option to fit your needs. Continue reading to explore the benefits and uses of Lutron’s family of automated shades.


How to Find a Reliable Contractor for Local AV Projects


Working with our Team at Hermary’s is the Perfect Place to Start

Finding a reliable AV contractor for audiovisual projects in the Bay Area can be daunting, but you can ensure a smooth and successful experience with the right approach. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home theater or enhance your whole-home audio system, here’s how to navigate the process of hiring the right contractor.


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