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Home Surveillance Brings Peace of Mind Every Day


Keep Your Kids Safe with Digital Perimeters

When you consider a home surveillance system, what comes to mind? For many people, it's protecting their homes from intruders and keeping a watchful eye on their property when away. While these are undoubtedly important features, sometimes the day-to-day support it offers enhances our lives the most.

It’s being able to look in on the kids when you’re working, receiving an alert when they get home before you do, and checking in on a new babysitter that can bring the greatest peace of mind. When integrated with your Savant or Control4 home automation system, you experience effortless control.

Let’s explore how home surveillance can make life a little easier, more enjoyable, and more secure in your Bay Area home. 

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Smart Home Surveillance

Today’s home security cameras come in numerous forms, from doorbell cameras that monitor visitors to indoor cameras that keep an eye on specific areas of your home. Outdoor security cameras can cover large expansive areas, like backyards, driveways, and the perimeter of your property. 

One of the features our clients appreciate is digital tripwires. For families with toddlers, we may place these around pools or areas off-limits to the kids. When someone crosses the invisible barrier, you receive an alert and can check the video. If it’s your three-year-old heading for a swim while their babysitter makes lunch, you can dial into your Control4 touchscreen and be instantly video-connected to the kitchen. 

Keeping an Eye on the Kids

While we try not to worry, it’s an inherent part of parenting, particularly when the young ones are playing outside, and we’re on a video conference call or finishing up a task. By setting a digital perimeter around your property, you'll know they're staying "in bounds.” You can even enjoy their antics on live video feed before going out to join them. 

This same tripwire alerts you when someone unexpected crosses it. Because smart security cameras can detect the difference between real threats and everyday occurrences, you’ll only receive alerts when something out of the ordinary occurs. Smart cameras also come equipped with two-way audio consisting of a microphone and a built-in speaker. So if you see a stranger, you can tell them they've been spotted and assess if a call to law enforcement is warranted. 

Indoor cameras help to ease any concerns with first-time babysitters, housekeepers, or new dog walkers. Knowing what’s going on in your home when you’re away can do wonders for reducing stress and anxious feelings. When you are home, a hallway security camera can monitor the kids when they’re asleep in bed, making sure they’re not sneaking out on a school night to play a video game in the media room. 

Check on your home when you’re on vacation and monitor deliveries. Capture precious moments on videotape, like your baby’s first steps. Make sure your new puppy isn’t eating the couch when you head into work. Today’s smart surveillance cameras can make every day a little easier. 

At Hermary’s, we’ve been providing our clients with the latest technology that enhances their everyday lives for almost 60 years. To learn about home surveillance or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Hermary’s today. 

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