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What Makes A Smart Home Surveillance System So Smart?


Discover How Smart Cameras Ensure a Level of Unmatched Home Security

The term “smart” is so commonly used today that it’s almost assumed when discussing electronics. From smart cars and smartphones to smart lightbulbs and smart appliances, all the technologies around us seem to have minds of their own. But what does “smart” really mean – specifically for a home surveillance system? It’s not enough to call something smart. Instead, we need to know why it is so.

In this blog, we discuss five important features of today’s surveillance cameras, why they are considered state of the art, and most importantly, why you need them in your Bay Area home. Keep reading for all the details!

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High-Quality Footage Matters

If an intruder enters your property, you want to see the person clearly. The problem is that older surveillance cameras captured the footage in low resolution. In fact, even if the person was a family member coming home late at night, you probably wouldn’t recognize them. So, what’s the point of having a security camera like that? Today’s smart surveillance cameras from companies like Axis Communications record events in high definition. Some even capture footage in 4K resolution for the highest level of detail.


Face & Object Recognition 

Nobody likes to receive false alerts. It happened all the time with older security systems – or even new ones. However, the latest and greatest home surveillance systems avoid false alerts because they use face and object recognition. Due to artificial intelligence technologies, these cameras recognize the difference between a real threat and a stray cat. They even read license plates, see color, and recognize family members. So, if your child comes home from school, your system can let you know – but sound the alarm if a porch pirate is stealing a package.


Always “In the Know” 

Your old alarm system acted like it was smart, but was it really? Sure, it let you know when a door was open, or it blared an alarm if you didn’t enter a code in time. But it wasn’t intuitive. One of the most impressive features of a smart surveillance system is its mobile alert functionality. If your camera detects something unusual on your property – and yes, it also has an “unusual movement” detection feature – it sends an immediate alert to your phone or system. Whether you’re in bed or miles away from home, your surveillance system monitors your property 24 hours a day, keeping you informed of threats.


Put the Heat on Intruders 

They think they can hide, but they can’t if you have thermal security cameras. Even though your smart surveillance cameras take 4K images and have tilt, zoom, and pan features, you may want something even more high-tech. Thermal imaging cameras see intruders at night, in the rain or fog, and even if they’re hiding behind shrubbery. They also have long-range capabilities. These cameras are excellent for large properties, because they detect intruders from 100 feet away or much further.


Seamless Smart Control

Are you looking for specific footage? Perhaps you suspect someone has been loitering on your property or opening packages on your porch. Instead of scouring hours of footage, type in a keyword, such as “person on property” or “man on porch.” Your smart security system is smart enough to find matching footage for you in a matter of seconds. It even identifies people, like friends and family members, who are programmed into the system. It’s almost like you have a security guard or several on your property.


Improve the safety and security of your home with a smart home surveillance system. Call Hermary’s at 415-993-7600, chat with us below, or fill out our online contact form to request a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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