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Reasons You Should Work with a Smart Home Company

The living room of a smart home equipped with Control4 home automation.

Professionals Provide the Best Tech and Support While Creating Your Dream Smart Home

Do you want to make your daily life easier? With smart home technology, you can automate certain tasks and enjoy one-touch control of all connected systems, such as home security, lights, and motorized shades. That’s why so many homeowners install smart home systems in their luxury homes! 

But a smart home is more than just a collection of smart devices and systems. To truly soak in the luxury and convenience it brings, you should work with a smart home company like Hermary’s. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using our integration company to turn your Bay Area house into a smart home.

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Smart Home Company vs. DIY Systems

Many technologies claim to make your home smart. For example, smart technologies can wirelessly connect to voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. So you can use your voice to turn on speakers and lights. However, this isn’t a true smart home. Smart home professionals connect all your technology to one robust system, so it’s not a piecemeal approach. 

Even more, smart home companies have access to premium products on the market. For example, Hermary’s has partnerships with some of the best AV, security, lighting, and home automation companies. By working with a professional integration firm, you’ll equip your home with advanced products that make your life more comfortable, safe, and convenient.

Smart Home Automation

Certain home automation platforms like Savant and Control4 can only be purchased through certified dealers. They require professional installation and calibration, but the level of control you’ll get over your home is unrivaled. Instead of having to control each technology with a different switch, controller, or app, you can manage all of your devices from one platform.

Home automation also allows you to control your home even when you’re away. From the mobile app, you can lock your doors, access your video doorbell, turn lights on and off, and open and close your shades. No matter where you are, you’ll stay up to date on the status of your house.

Professional Support

One of the biggest benefits of working with a smart home company comes after the installation is finished. Hermary’s will design and install your technology, ensuring it’s all integrated and working properly, and then we will be available for ongoing support and service whenever you experience issues with your smart home. That way, everything is always working the way it needs to. If you experience interruptions, we’ll help solve them.

Are you ready to turn your Bay Area home into a luxurious smart home? Contact Hermary’s today! We’ll work closely with you to ensure you get the smart home of your dreams.

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