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A Quick Guide to Home Surveillance for Your San Francisco Home

A Pacific Heights house overlooking San Francisco Bay protected by a home surveillance system.

What to Look for and What to Avoid

In recent years, the Bay Area has seen an uptick in crime rates, making home security a top concern for residents. While the area remains vibrant and full of life, it's essential to take proactive steps to keep your home and loved ones safe. With many consumer and professionally installed surveillance options on the market, how do you know what’s best for your home? Today, we'll explore the key features you should look for and pitfalls to avoid when choosing a home surveillance system. Please continue reading!

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Why Opt for Home Surveillance?

You might be wondering, is home surveillance really necessary? While we can't give a definitive answer for everyone, here are some compelling reasons to consider. First, surveillance cameras act as a powerful deterrent against burglaries and intrusions, often more so than traditional alarm systems. Second, cameras can provide crucial evidence to identify the culprits in the unfortunate event of a break-in. Lastly, they offer peace of mind by allowing you to monitor children, pets, and elderly family members when you're not at home. Surveillance cameras provide an active layer of security that keeps you informed and in control.

Must-Have Features

When it comes to home surveillance, not all cameras are created equal. In today's world, anything less than high-definition resolution, specifically HD or 1920x1080 pixels, is outdated. For even clearer images, look for cameras with 4K resolution or higher. Your camera should also be smart enough to detect movement and send you instant notifications. Advanced systems can even distinguish between people, vehicles, and animals to minimize false alerts. A camera that can't function in low light is virtually useless, so look for systems with robust night vision capabilities, either in black and white or color. Modern systems also allow you to view live feeds and control your cameras via smartphones, tablets, or computers, a must for on-the-go monitoring.

What to Avoid

While shopping for a surveillance system, be cautious of limited storage options. Some systems offer minimal storage space or lock you into a cloud subscription. Look for systems that offer ample and expandable storage options. The best systems can be connected to a network video recorder (NVR), which allows for modular and expandable mass storage options that can record footage 24/7 if you desire that level of monitoring. 

Also, choose a system that can accommodate all the cameras you plan to install, both indoors and outdoors. Avoid systems that limit the number of cameras or require multiple hubs to manage them. Though convenient, fully wireless cameras can be unreliable due to battery limitations and network issues. Wired systems offer more stable and consistent performance.

Ready to secure your San Francisco home? Hermary’s is your source for smart security solutions. Contact us here, or click the chat box below to connect with one of our expert staff quickly. We look forward to working with you!   

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