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Immersive Theater Sound Quality Right in Your Own Home

A Sony home theater with a large screen on the wall, a projector overhead, an L-shaped sofa sectional, and a surround sound system.

3 Components for the Perfect Home Theater Sound System

Movie theaters offer an incredible viewing experience. Large format screens and killer audio make for an immersive cinematic encounter unlike your living room has to offer. On the downside, there are loud crowds, limited showtimes, and poor viewing angles. Stale popcorn doesn’t help, either. 

At Hermary’s, we offer homeowners in the Bay Area all the brands and automation solutions to turn any room into a custom, luxurious home theater. We have everything from projector screens and TVs to Lutron’s lighting and shading control and Fortress’ seating collections. 

But we know if the audio isn’t perfect, your theater won’t be complete. That’s why a home theater sound system is essential to create your own cinematic experience.

Here are three components that cannot be missing from your home theater sound system. 

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Surround Sound

Surround sound is one of the key components in home theater AV systems. From terrifying whispers in a horror movie to explosions in a wartime series, sound immerses you in the action. At Hermary’s, we partner with brands like Sonance, B&W, Meridian, and McIntosh to create industry-leading automated sound systems for your home.

A professional design and installation may include in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and McIntosh Audio amplifiers for optimal surround sound. Optimizing the system also requires testing and synchronizing all equipment. We can help with that. 

Acoustic Treatments

Sound likes to “bounce,” and nothing kills the movie vibe like echoes. While watching a movie, you want to know where a sound is coming from. That whisper you hear from the horror movie? It needs to come from the direction it’s showing on the screen. The same is true for an explosion. Is it in front, behind, or above you? 

Acoustically treated rooms offer an effective and beautiful solution to audio reflection. Acoustic panels, for example, isolate a room from outside noise and are designed to match a home theater’s aesthetics. Acoustic treatments in your home theater, along with surround sound, enhance the audio quality of the space and realism of the movie.

Customizable Control 

No home theater sound system would be complete without smart automation. Brands like Savant and Control4 make it possible to control every aspect of your AV system from a smart device. Other than that, all you need is popcorn, and you can forget about the movie theater.

Our experts know how to install anything from AV technology and plush seating to LED strip lights and motorized shades in your home theater. Why not give us a call to see how we can turn your home theater into a truly cinematic experience? 

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