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Is Your Home Surveillance System Missing Something?


Discover Why Lighting Control Is an Essential Component to Home Security 

A secure home certainly starts with a robust and smart home security system. Important components like motion sensors, geofencing, mobile alerts, and remote camera and access controls all come into play when ensuring optimal security on your property. Before an intruder even gets to the front door, you’ll know he’s there, and your system will respond immediately.

Still, most homeowners forget about one technology that does just as much to ward off thieves and even catch them in the act: lighting control! Paired with your home surveillance system, indoor and outdoor lighting acts as a deterrent and an effective measure for apprehending intruders at your Bay Area home. Want to find out more? Keep reading our article below. 

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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night . . .

If there’s one thing burglars like, besides unlocked doors, it’s a dark property. Whether you’re on vacation or tucked away in bed, it’s essential that your home is well-equipped with smart lighting. It should never be completely dark on your property. Instead, landscape lighting can elegantly highlight the features of your home and lawn without being obtrusive. Outdoor lights make your property inhospitable for thieves and vandals.

Also, a smart lighting system intuitively responds if your home surveillance system detects a problem – such as someone crossing an invisible barrier or porch pirates attempting to steal a package. In an instant, your indoor and outdoor lights turn on or flash, your motorized shades raise or lower, and you receive an immediate alert so you can respond to the incursion. 

Smile for the Camera!

You may not realize it, but even though today’s smart home security cameras can see in the dark (if they are infrared), they will not be able to capture high-quality footage without lighting. In order to recognize an intruder caught on camera, you need to shed some light on the situation. A security system that’s integrated with lighting control is the perfect solution. When movement is detected, the lights turn on immediately and ensure a picture-perfect image or video recording of the intruder.

In addition to that, outdoor security lighting also helps you perform an accurate search of questionable events on your property. For instance, with automated lights, your system can identify colors, license plate numbers, and people and objects much easier than through infrared. If an attempted burglary occurs, you’ll also be able to present the high-definition, full-color recording as evidence to the police. 

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of smart lighting control that’s paired with your home surveillance system? Contact Hermary’s at (415) 993-7600, start a chat on this page, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. 

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