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How Whole-Home Audio Integrates into Your Everyday Life

A Control4 dashboard showing whole home music.

Enhance the Routine of Your Entire Family with Premium Distributed Audio

Imagine tapping a few buttons on your phone, and the entire room fills with your favorite song. You don’t need to search for that portable speaker that always seems to be dead or locate your headphones. Every corner of the room will be full of even, high-fidelity audio however and whenever you want.

That’s the beauty of whole-home audio. With a multi-room speaker system from brands like Control4, you can seamlessly queue up your favorite music at any time in any room right from your phone. Additionally, you can automate it to suit your schedule. Check out these few ways whole-home audio could integrate into your everyday life in your Bay Area home.

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The Combined Powers of Home Surveillance & Smart Home Automation

A security camera next to a home.

Rest Easy with a Secure Smart Home 

In the past few years, home automation has become more popular than ever, with smart home security as one of the most sought-after systems. A few reasons for this growing interest include the ability to monitor your home when away and receive notifications when something out of the ordinary occurs. 

At Hermary’s, we've provided our clients in the Bay Area with easy-to-use home automation systems for 60 years. These systems automate audio, video, shades, lighting, climate, and security, creating a seamless exchange—a smart home that creates the perfect environment for life's many activities while protecting homes and families in the process.

Let’s explore how today’s home surveillance systems integrate with your smart home, creating the ultimate security. 

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3 Reasons to Invest in Outdoor Sound Systems

Beautiful outdoor patio showcasing a sitting area, pillars, and the many places outdoor audio speakers and blend in with landscaping.

Explore the Incredible Entertainment Capabilities That Come with Bringing Flawless Sound Outdoors

Outdoor sound systems are constantly popping up in many bay area homes, and trust us when we say it's for a good reason! It's glaringly evident that entertaining outside is on the agenda as the spring and summer months roll in. 

The capabilities of smart home technology combined with incredible sounds can create everything from parties that last well into the night to relaxed afternoons on the patio. Keep reading to explore why Hermary's recommends audio to clients looking to elevate their outdoor spaces. 

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How to Choose Beautiful Outdoor Lighting For Your Bay Area Home

A home is illuminated at night with patio lighting by a pool.

A Variety of Options for Design, Function, and Safety

Outdoor lighting is essential to safety and security at night, but it can also add a luxurious element to your home's exterior. Outdoor lighting can deter criminals, increase visibility for family members, and create a beautiful, welcoming atmosphere for visitors. With the wide variety of lighting solutions available today, choosing which lighting options are suitable for your home can be challenging.

Continue reading to learn more about outdoor lighting considerations for your Bay Area home.

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