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Get the Most Out of Smart Home Wi-Fi with a Professional Installation 

A man using the Control4 app on his smartphone to adjust room temperature.

A Professionally Installed Wi-Fi Network Will Enhance Your Smart Home

A smart home Wi-Fi network is the backbone supporting every wireless device across your home, ensuring they work indoors, outdoors, and everywhere in between. Without it, the integration and automation of your technology systems would not be possible. 

If you are looking for a Wi-Fi network that performs up to the highest standards, Hermary’s can help. As the leading technology integrators in the Bay Area, we will design and install the perfect network for your home, equipping you with industry-leading speeds and performance. 

Read on to learn about the advantages of hiring a professional to help with the installation of your smart home Wi-Fi network and why there is no better choice in the Bay than Hermary’s!

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Live a Better, Technology-Driven Lifestyle

Closeup of wall-mounted Savant touch panel. 

Let Smart Home Technology Take Your Life to a New Level of Comfort and Efficiency

Smart home technology has revolutionized the way we live, making our homes more comfortable and efficient than ever before. At Hermary’s, we have been at the forefront of innovation for decades, bringing clients across the Bay Area the latest in smart home systems.

In this blog, we'll take a closer look at the ways that smart technologies enhance your daily life, going from the front door to the media room, the bedroom, and the backyard. 

Read on to learn more!

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Bring Music and Movies to Life with the Help of McIntosh & Hermary’s

McIntosh audio equipment in a large, modern space with an open floor plan.

Experience the Power of McIntosh Amplifiers 

McIntosh has been setting the standard in high-performance audio since 1949. World-renowned for their power amplifiers that make speakers come to life, they lay claim to some of the most iconic moments in music history. These include the “Wall of Sound” that consisted of 48 McIntosh MC2300 amplifiers delivering 28,800 watts of power at a Grateful Dead concert in San Francisco. McIntosh also powered the legendary Woodstock festival—a musical extravaganza that blossomed to about half a million people and lasted for three days.

Today, the brand manufactures amplifiers, preamplifiers, and integrated amplifiers that provide the sound quality and power for the ultimate experience in music and movies. These offer ideal solutions for two-channel stereo sound systems and multi-channel home theaters. As an audio, video, and home automation expert serving the Bay Area, Hermary’s is proud to be a McIntosh dealer, incorporating their legendary equipment into high-fidelity sound systems that define luxury living. 

Let’s explore a few of their high-performance audio solutions and what they offer homeowners with a discerning ear for high-fidelity sound.

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Motorized Blinds Maximize Daylight While Minimizing Glare

A home office with a table and chair. The blinds are lowered and angled to let in diffuse sunlight.

Bring in the Beauty of Diffuse Sunlight with Self-Adjusting Blinds

The interplay of natural light in a room creates an alluring ambiance, energizes a home, and brings warmth and well-being. Research shows that it also promotes better productivity during the day and restful sleep at night. 

Unfortunately, this same light can damage our home's interiors, so we tend to keep our window coverings closed, missing out on the beauty and warmth of daylight. Motorized blinds change that. 

At Hermary’s, we partner with Lutron, an industry leader in lighting control. In 2020, the world-renowned brand launched its smart natural wood blinds that auto-tilt to track the sun. Let's explore what these and other motorized window treatments can do for you and your home in the Bay Area. 

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