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Ketra’s Smart Lighting Is in a League of Its Own

A marble bathroom with an elegant tub and shower illuminated by Ketra lighting.

Discover Human-Centric Lighting and Incredible Dimming Possibilities 

What’s the best smart lighting brand? While there are many high-quality options on the market, there’s one name that stands above them all. And that’s Ketra. 

Ketra is an intelligent lighting manufacturer that was acquired by Lutron (the lighting control brand) in 2018. While Lutron does manufacture its own excellent fixtures, Ketra is regarded as its most sophisticated lighting line for whole-home control. 

With 16 million colors available to its smart bulbs, Ketra lighting offers the ultimate customization, automation, and dimming capabilities—all the way down to 0.1 percent! Read on to learn how Ketra works, its benefits, and how to bring it to your Bay Area home. 

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What Makes Ketra Special? 

Ketra’s LED lights offer the widest tunable color spectrum possible, with 16 million colors of the rainbow and shades of white ranging from the warmest at 14,000 K to the coolest tones at 10,000 K. 

With Ketra lights integrated into a Lutron control system, you can group lights together and customize the appearance right from the Lutron app. You’ll bathe rooms in any shade of light possible, from pristine, cool whites to golden hues and fun colors of the rainbow. Ketra lights are often used to accentuate architecture, artwork, and furniture, so you’ll see your house like never before. 

Comparing Ketra with Other Smart Bulbs 

Philips Hue is a popular brand for DIY lighting solutions. And while Ketra is a greater investment and requires a professional installation, it’s worth it if you want the best results. 

Unlike other brands, Ketra remembers your preferred settings, so you won’t have to pull out your phone whenever you’d like to set the mood. You can save lighting scenes on the Lutron app that are just a press of a button away—or tap on a customized wall keypad. Ketra also works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Josh.ai for voice-activated control. 

When you use other smart lights like Philips Hue, you’ll often run into the unfortunate ‘popcorn’ effect, where lights don’t turn on at the same time, even though you asked them to. This will never happen with Ketra. The Lutron system is so advanced that it just works every time. 

Ketra lights also include built-in sensors that compare the color output to the expected color, making automatic adjustments. The color you choose on the app will be reflected in real life, and you can sync the same color across rooms and zones. 

Automation & Control with Lutron 

Perhaps best of all, you don’t have to manually adjust your Ketra lights to enjoy the settings you love. When Ketra lights are integrated into the Lutron system, you can schedule lights to shift colors and brightness without any input required from you. 

Many homeowners use automation for ‘human-centric’ lighting that replicates natural lights indoors. Lights will appear bright and cool during the day, gradually shifting to warm, amber tones by the evening. 

Want your bedroom to look warm and cozy in the evening? Lights will automatically shift to the perfect ambiance after dark. It’s that simple with Ketra lighting! 

Are you interested in adding tunable Ketra lighting to your Bay Area home? Hermary’s designs and installs customized lighting systems that are convenient and fun to use. Contact us here to get started today. 

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