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The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

 A well-lit home with a pool and fireplace after dark. The pool is illuminated with bright blue light.

Illuminate your home after dark with a breathtaking landscape lighting design

Are you coming home to a well-illuminated home after dark? Proper lighting will bring you peace of mind that you are safe when you go from your car to the door at night and add an unmatched layer of beauty to your property. Plus, an integrator makes it easy to control your lights through intuitive smart controls and home automation. You can adjust your lights from your smart device of choice or even schedule them to turn on and off automatically.

The benefits don’t just end there! Read on to learn more about the benefits an outdoor lighting installation will bring to your home in the Bay Area.

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Why You Need A Smart Multi-Room Audio System

A Control4 tablet sits on a marble counter. It is playing the song Lights Out through the Deezer app.

Check out the features that set Control4 apart from a traditional audio system

How often do you listen to music in your home? Most homeowners like to put on their favorite tunes as they do housework or relax after a long day. What if you could enjoy your music, play your record collection, stream your TV audio, and listen to the latest audiobook or podcast no matter where you are in your home? Whole-home audio makes this possible! Speakers will be installed in every room of your home to provide even coverage, and with just a tap, you can listen to the same song throughout your property or different audio in every room of your house.

Some audio systems, however, are smarter than others. Discover three reasons that it is better to have a smart multi-room audio system from Control4 in Hillsborough, CA.

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7 Daily Uses for Motorized Shades

Woman sitting on the couch watching a movie. She lowers motorized shades with a remote.

Use Smart Shades for More Than “Good Morning” and “Good Night”

Color-changing LEDs get a lot of attention in the lighting control world, but you’d be remiss to overlook the incredible power of motorized shades. You can program motorized shades to raise and lower independently on schedule or across the house with a single command. 

Even if you only use motorized shades in the morning and night, you’d be saving valuable time. But beyond starting and ending your day, there are other times automated window shades are an invaluable help around the house.

Here’s how motorized shades can benefit your Bay Area home each day!

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Ultra-modern minimalist low-profile white home with white stone gardens.


You have worked hard for your home, and it should be a place of safety and solace. By adding a live monitored home security system, you gain peace of mind and assurance.

There are many options for cameras and alarms, and it is tempting to favor an off-the-shelf product. While many DIY security systems have intriguing and catchy features, they are seriously lacking where it is most crucial. As with many things, you get what you pay for; over-the-counter systems cannot guarantee reliability, interoperability, or quick response times.

Are you looking to upgrade your security with an integrated professional system? Read more below to learn how to gain complete safety at your home in the Bay Area.

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