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DIY vs. Professional Smart Home Installation

Woman tapping a smart thermostat on the wall.

Just Because You Can DIY with Smart Devices, Should You? 

Smart homes used to be a faraway possibility only seen in science fiction. But today, gadgets like video doorbells and voice-activated speakers inspire many homeowners to create their own smart homes. Unfortunately, many of these smart home enthusiasts end up disappointed when their DIY smart home leads to more trouble than it’s worth. 

That doesn’t mean a well-running, sophisticated smart home isn’t possible. You just need to trust the professionals. Smart home companies like our team at Hermary’s know how to build a solid network so technology works in unison across your entire house. 

But if you’re still itching to DIY? We compare do-it-yourself solutions against a professional smart home installation so you can make the best decision for your Bay Area home. 

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A home security camera mounted on the exterior of a brick house with plants in the foreground.


Whether you’re on a weekend trip or traveling abroad for a month, you should feel free to roam without worrying about returning to a ransacked home. But break-ins unfortunately do happen, and basic security devices like a video doorbell or door alarm are often not enough to prevent robberies. 

You can become more proactive about your home security with a professionally-installed surveillance system. By implementing the following solutions in your Bay Area house, you can jet off with wanderlust—and leave your worries behind. Continue reading to learn how you can protect your home!

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3 Types of Lighting and When to Use Them

A dining room is lit with a chandelier and side lamps for a relaxing aesthetic.

Get Your Lighting Design Tips from the Pros

A creative lighting design offers homeowners flexibility throughout their day, evening, and when entertaining guests. It’s possible to match the ambiance of your home with the event of the moment using creative lighting arrangements. Lighting design is more than simply pointing lights in a particular direction or choosing exciting lighting fixtures that draw attention – it is also the layering of lights and adjusting brightness levels.

Continue reading to learn more about the three types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent lighting, and when each would work best in your Bay Area home.

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3 Myths About Home Theater Systems

A home theater space uses surround sound speakers from Sonance.

Don’t Let One of These Myths Stop You From Building the Home Theater of Your Dreams

We’ve heard many funny things about home theaters over the years. People have said, “it’s not a complete entertainment experience without freshly popped popcorn,” and “you should paint the room black to enjoy the movie more.” But, of course, these things aren’t requirements for a fun home theater experience. These are someone’s “nice-to-haves.”

So, what exactly is a requirement for a home theater system? Continue reading as we debunk three common myths associated with home theater systems in the Bay Area.

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