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How to Create a Versatile Home Theater System


It’s a Private Cinema, Media Room, and Multipurpose Space – All in One!

Home theaters are still as popular as ever. They offer the perfect space to unwind, enjoy the movies, or binge-watch your favorite TV shows. However, when you’re not using your private cinema in your Bay Area home, it goes dark – unused and mostly forgotten. But what if you could have a home theater system that offers more than the movies?

Turn your entertainment area into a multipurpose space that gives you room to enjoy all the things you love – whether you want to close the motorized shades to watch a movie, listen to your favorite songs through high-end speakers, or celebrate good times and games with friends.  Keep reading to discover the three ways you can have a contemporary home theater space.

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1. It’s Time for the Movies

A home theater wouldn’t be a home theater without a big screen TV or state-of-the-art projector and screen system. Even though you’re creating a multipurpose space, your 4K display will obviously be front and center. But make sure it’s a new 4K TV or short-throw projector.

The latest projectors cast brighter, clearer images from a shorter distance, and the newest TVs use HDR imaging, advanced technology, and faster refresh rates to ensure a life-like picture with intense clarity, color, and contrast. If you really want an amazing display, the OLED and QLED models deliver – with images that are more realistic than ever.

You may be thinking, “What if I don’t want to see the TV or screen when it’s not in use?” That’s not a problem. Hidden technology allows you to make your TV disappear into the walls, hide behind cabinets, and even transform into a mirror or artwork. When you’re not using it, you can make it disappear! The same goes for screens. Press a button, and it rolls up into the ceiling.

2. A High-End Audio Experience

Sit back and relax with a drink in hand as your favorite songs wash over you. The sound of high-end music is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. A versatile home theater system that incorporates high-end speakers or an immersive surround-sound system provides a fantastic auditory experience. Spend time alone while listening to your favorite songs. Use the sound system when hosting a party. Or put yourself in the center of an action film by turning on the surround-sound system. There are so many ways to enjoy your speaker system!

Of course, you can control it all – the music, the volume, and the screen display – with the tap of an icon on your smart home touchpad. There’s no need to get up to adjust anything. The lights, motorized shades, audio-video system, and all other technologies in the room and throughout your house are at your command.

3. The Perfect Space for Entertainment

What if you don’t want to watch a movie or listen to music? This is where your home theater system transforms into a multi-use area. Behind your theater seats, perhaps you want to put a billiard table, poker table, or wet bar. Listen to music in the background as you rack up pool balls or watch a movie while you play cards.

The right lights and motorized shades help to enhance the space, too. From wall sconces and recessed lights to fiberoptic lights and ambient lighting, you’ll give your room the personality and presence you want. Motorized window treatments help you control natural light in a seamless way – with your smart home tablet, smartphone app, or voice command. In a few seconds, you can turn your home entertainment space into a home theater, media room, or game room.


Find out how to upgrade your home theater into a multipurpose space. Call Hermary’s or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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