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Create a Beautiful, Healthier Home with Lighting Design

A well-lit living area with floor-to-ceiling windows on the ocean.

Effortlessly Control Natural and Artificial Light

Today’s automated technology enables homeowners to manage their lighting effortlessly. Gone are the multiple light switches and, in their place, are elegant, custom-engraved in-wall keypads, touchscreens, and remotes. With one touch or voice control, they can change every light in their home and raise or lower every shade. It’s pretty remarkable. 

But it gets even better. The latest home automation platforms manage your home’s lighting for you, automatically raising and lowering the shades, letting in diffused sun rays without harming fine art, floorings, or furniture. At the same time, the lights dim and brighten, based on the level of natural light in the room. It’s the perfect balance of natural and electric light. 

While this type of technology requires extensive home automation knowledge, the professional lighting design brings your Bay Area home to life. The unique colors, placement, highlights, washes, and hidden recesses create the mood and aesthetics. At Hermary’s, our team of design and integration experts create extraordinary results by combining technology and design. We work with our valued clients to develop customized solutions unique to their lifestyles and dreams. Let's explore the possibilities in our blog below!

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The Look and Feel

Lighting plays a tremendous role in a home’s overall mood. The fixtures, placement, and level of light can create an enchanting, welcoming environment or the feeling of a secluded retreat. With the right lighting design, every room and outdoor area portrays a unique mood and changes based on the task and occasion. 

At Hermary’s, we partner with Lutron, the industry leader in lighting design and control. In 2018, Lutron acquired Ketra and changed how homeowners manage their lighting forever. Their dynamic, full-spectrum lighting gives homeowners and designers access to over 16 million colors of light from each light source, and it’s all changeable with one touch. 

Even Josh.ai, the ultimate voice assistant designed for smart homes, gives hands-free control of Ketra’s color palette to homeowners. Tell Josh to bathe your living room, bedroom, or dining area in the color of jasmine, sangria, or viridian, and the lights transform around you to shades tinged in pale yellow, purplish-red, and blue-green. Now, you can change your lights for every mood, occasion, and activity. 

Preset Scenes

Once we establish the best lighting intensities, fixture placement, and moods you want to achieve in each space, we can program preset scenes that make life simpler while feeling luxurious. When you tap “Entertainment,” “Relax,” “Reading,” or one of the other numerous settings, your lights, shades, and audio video create the perfect living experience depending on the task you’re aiming to accomplish. 

To learn more about lighting design and total home control or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Hermary’s today. 



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