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Motorized Blinds Maximize Daylight While Minimizing Glare

A home office with a table and chair. The blinds are lowered and angled to let in diffuse sunlight.

Bring in the Beauty of Diffuse Sunlight with Self-Adjusting Blinds

The interplay of natural light in a room creates an alluring ambiance, energizes a home, and brings warmth and well-being. Research shows that it also promotes better productivity during the day and restful sleep at night. 

Unfortunately, this same light can damage our home's interiors, so we tend to keep our window coverings closed, missing out on the beauty and warmth of daylight. Motorized blinds change that. 

At Hermary’s, we partner with Lutron, an industry leader in lighting control. In 2020, the world-renowned brand launched its smart natural wood blinds that auto-tilt to track the sun. Let's explore what these and other motorized window treatments can do for you and your home in the Bay Area. 

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The Perfect Amount of Light

With one touch, you can raise or lower your blinds using an in-wall keypad, remote, or app. These smart blinds also intelligently and automatically adjust their angle throughout the day based on the position of the sun. This action minimizes direct glare and reduces the damaging effects of direct sunlight. 

The system also considers making the most of natural light. It maximizes daylight by letting the filtered light of the sun’s rays shine through. In addition, homeowners can apply specific modes, such as “Fade Fighter,” which protects furniture and floors from direct sunlight by adjusting the degree of the tilt of the blinds.

When evening arrives, the blinds close, providing your family privacy and peace of mind. These blinds are made from North American basswood and come in a variety of stains and paints. They can also be custom painted to ensure they align with your home’s design. 

The Soft Elegance of Sheer

Another motorized blind that offers beauty and elegance is horizontal sheer blinds. These bring the precise control of a blind with sheer material that maintains your privacy even when the vanes are open. In addition, tilting the vanes to various angles fills the room with soft light while preventing others from looking in.

Along with beauty and elegance, motorized window treatments offer effortless control. Instead of walking from window to window throughout the day, one touch or a voice command raises and lowers them. We can also program your smart shades, blinds, or draperies to open and close at preset times of the day. 

At Hermary’s, we provide customized, high-performance solutions unique to every client. Our work is motivated by our commitment to mastery in design, installation, and ongoing support. To learn more about the many options in motorized blinds or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Hermary’s today.

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