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Home Lighting Automation Brings Good Things to Light


Why Smart Lighting Is So Much Better Than an On and Off Switch  

Home lighting with a traditional wall switch may have been something special when electricity was first invented, but now, it’s expected in any home. It’s almost second nature: walking into a dark room and fumbling for a light switch or dimmer. Still, in a world of smart technology – smartphones, smart cars, and smart speakers – wouldn’t you think there’s a better way to control your lights?

There is! But we’re not talking about a few smart lightbulbs. Instead, a robust lighting automation system transforms how you interact with the lights in your Bay Area home. One-tap control features, voice commands, and automated settings all come together to create a lighting system that’s futuristic – not one that’s stuck in the past. Keep reading to learn more! 

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Smart Lights Make It Personal

Home automation systems are designed to make our lives convenient. Smart lighting accomplishes this and more! Not only can you control smart lights via a touchpad, wall panel, smartphone app, or voice command, but you can set scenes that create the right mood in every room – and for every occasion. For instance, if you’re getting ready to watch a movie in your home theater, tap the “Movie Night” icon, and all the lights as well as the motorized shades, audio-video system, and even the indoor climate adjust to their pre-programmed settings. 

A No-Touch Solution for Home Lighting

Lighting automation means exactly that. In addition to offering one-touch control, the system can be completely automated. Instead of tapping a tablet, program your smart lighting to think for you. Then, when you wake in the morning, they automatically illuminate, helping you ease into your day. If you have human-centric lights in your home, they gradually change hue and brightness throughout the day to maintain a biophilic atmosphere in your home, which promotes wellness. At sunset, your landscape lighting can turn on in the evening and off when the sun rises. 

Automated Lights Ensure a Safer Home

Smart lights offer a smarter way to maintain a secure home and safe family. For instance, geofencing is a feature that controls different smart systems throughout your house based on your location. If you’re coming home after sunset, when you pull into the driveway, a smart home system detects you (via your smartphone). Then, it turns on the indoor lights, unlocks the doors, fires up the whole-home sound system, and makes sure the indoor climate is a perfect place for you to relax and unwind.

Control Your Lights Remotely

It doesn’t happen all the time, but occasionally, you may want to check in on your home from a remote location. When you have a smart home with smart lights, that’s not a problem. Right from your smartphone, you can adjust the lights in any room, raise or lower the motorized shades, check the surveillance cameras, and even unlock the doors for a friend or family member. Your system works with precision and accuracy no matter where you are. 

Learn more about lighting automation as well as the many benefits of a smart home system. Call Hermary’s at 415-993-7600, chat with us on this page, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you. 


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