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Get the Most Out of Smart Home Wi-Fi with a Professional Installation 

A man using the Control4 app on his smartphone to adjust room temperature.

A Professionally Installed Wi-Fi Network Will Enhance Your Smart Home

A smart home Wi-Fi network is the backbone supporting every wireless device across your home, ensuring they work indoors, outdoors, and everywhere in between. Without it, the integration and automation of your technology systems would not be possible. 

If you are looking for a Wi-Fi network that performs up to the highest standards, Hermary’s can help. As the leading technology integrators in the Bay Area, we will design and install the perfect network for your home, equipping you with industry-leading speeds and performance. 

Read on to learn about the advantages of hiring a professional to help with the installation of your smart home Wi-Fi network and why there is no better choice in the Bay than Hermary’s!

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Why a Robust Wi-Fi Network Matters 

Wi-Fi, like most other technologies, changes all the time, making it difficult to stay on top of the latest trends and innovations. That’s where Hermary’s comes in! We will install the most up-to-date technology, such as Wi-Fi 6-enabled devices, and strategically position Wi-Fi access points across your home to ensure the signal is strong inside and out. With our help, your network will be installed correctly from the get-go, saving you time and money troubleshooting in the future. 

Speaking of the future, another benefit of working with us is that we can future-proof your network. That’s right! Since Wi-Fi 6 was designed to support the Internet of Things, we will be creating a scalable network by installing the latest routers and smart devices, which can be easily updated with new devices and technologies. 

Wireless, Optimized Technology 

Any technology system in your smart home will benefit from a robust, reliable Wi-Fi network. Take lighting control and motorized shades as an example. We can automate lights and shades on a schedule and integrate them with a smart thermostat for optimal energy efficiency. Or, you could create custom lighting scenes, accessing them with just a tap to quickly set the mood for any occasion. All of this is possible thanks to a wireless network bringing these devices together! The same is true for whole-home audio, which relies on wireless in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that blend in with the existing decor, as well as surveillance systems with cameras installed in hard-to-reach locations across a home and its outdoor areas.

There are many benefits to partnering with a professional when creating the smart home of your dreams. From access to the best brands to industry-leading installation and support, we are number one in The Bay for a reason. Contact us to find out more! 

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