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Listen to The Beat From Wherever You Are

A living room with stand-alone speakers and a receiver.

Dance, Relax, and Celebrate this Holiday Season with a Whole Home Audio System 

Are you and your family ready for the holiday season? You probably already are, but is your home set too? 

Whether hosting a New Years party, Thanksgiving dinner, or any other family gathering, a whole home audio system is the perfect complement to great costumes and grandma’s secret turkey recipe. 

At Hermary’s, we design, install, and support cutting-edge technology systems for clients in the Bay Area. From hidden kitchen speakers to surround sound for your home theater, we’ve got everything you need to make these holidays unforgettable for everyone at home. 

Here are three ways whole home audio is the perfect addition to your home technology systems this holiday season. 

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Set the Holiday Mood at Home

Along with some well-placed decorations, multi-room music solutions create the perfect holiday atmosphere anywhere at home.

High-precision audio and built-in architectural speakers from brands like Sonance are perfect for the kitchen, bedrooms, or living room, where the interior design should take precedence over AV systems. 

On the other hand, outdoor spaces benefit from more evident and inviting audio components, including high-performance, weatherproof speakers from brands like B&W, Meridian, or Triad. 

But what if you are not looking to party? 

Get Ready to Party, or Not

Is your teenager not in the mood for the holidays? Or has the seasonal flu glued you to bed? 

Whole home audio is not music in every room all the time, but total control over exactly where that music is playing and from where it is heard. 

Calibrating individual speakers means each audio source will be perfect for its own space, keeping sound where it should be. Acoustic treatments for media rooms and home theaters, for example, neutralize ambient noise from coming in and movies from playing all over the house. 

You can always access your entire music collection from another room or from the other side of the world so that every guest has the time of their life! 

Enjoy Your Well-Earned Rest

Whole home audio sounds amazing (pun intended), but it also seems like a complex endeavor. Our team will take care of everything for you, from custom cabinetry and in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to hiding any wiring and AV gear from sight. Simple controls from mobile apps or voice assistants are also included. 

Whether you are ready to party, or to spend the rest of the year hibernating in your brand-new home theater, reach out to us so we can get started on your installation! 

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