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Versatile, Convenient, and Powerful Wi-Fi


Are Your Home Network and Smart Devices Ready for the Future?

With newer, better technologies launching every day, it isn’t easy for homeowners to keep up with progress. The same is true for their homes. To be truly smart, a home must be versatile, adaptable, and scalable, reflecting both our mobile lifestyle and an evolving technological landscape. Its smart devices and technology systems must be integrated, interconnected, and fully automated. 

Considering the future is wireless, it is not surprising that a robust home Wi-Fi network is behind effective smart homes in the Bay Area or that the experts at Hermary’s have in-depth experience in the field.

Read on to learn why a robust Wi-Fi network is a key component of the smart homes of today and the future. 

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Wi-Fi is part of our daily lives. However, with the average number of smart devices at home increasing every year, how can your network ever hope to keep up? Thankfully, Wi-Fi 6, a newer iteration of the wireless network protocol, was created with adaptability in mind. 

As your family grows and their lifestyles change, your home network should adapt to these changes. This means new devices may be added to the network or older ones removed and upgraded. With Wi-Fi 6, you can rest assured all these smart devices will provide the superior performance you demand.


Whether it consists of a single router or several access points, your home Wi-Fi network should also be versatile. After all, not everyone connects to a smart home the same way. Children may spend entire afternoons in the media room, playing online games or streaming music. Meanwhile, you and your spouse have been working from the home office for the past few years, and you both enjoy remotely checking on the kids every now and then. Your home Wi-Fi gives you the ability to pull up indoor camera feeds at a moment’s notice. 


One final aspect we consider when installing a home Wi-Fi network is scalability. For most luxury properties, a single router is no longer enough, so we often install multiple access points at strategic locations throughout a home. This way, we minimize signal loss and guarantee that smart devices in every room will work as advertised. 

As technology continues to evolve, Wi-Fi 6 devices and professionally installed networks must allow for the seamless integration of new equipment. To address this challenge (so you don’t have to), we partner with industry-leading brands like Ubiquiti and Pakedge and stay on top of new technologies. 

If your smart home is ready to take a leap into the future with a Wi-Fi 6 home network, there is no other company in the Bay Area like Hermary’s. You can contact us at any time to get started! 

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