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Experience a Home Network that Easily Supports Your Smart Home

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Smart Home Wi-Fi Delivers Corner-to-Corner Fast, Reliable Coverage

Today’s world is more connected than ever. From laptops to streaming services, gaming consoles, and video conferencing, the demand on our home networks has grown exponentially. When you add the many connected devices found in a smart home, including 4K HDR TVs, full-spectrum LED lighting, security cameras, and more, it's clear that, unless you’ve upgraded your system to support this interconnectivity, you could experience slow and dropped connections and reduced reliability when outdoors. 

Fortunately, there are indications that let you know your smart home Wi-Fi can no longer support your needs. The time to explore an upgrade is when these signs first start appearing, before increasing frustration and grainy video calls. Let's explore the warnings and what you can do to ensure fast, reliable, corner-to-corner internet coverage for your Bay Area home. 

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Signs You Need a Stronger Connection

If you’re still using the modems and routers supplied by your local internet service provider, chances are they are pushed to their limits. Some signs that suggest it’s time for an upgrade include frequent lag and glitches that result in frozen videos and dropped calls. 

If your kids need to stop playing their video games so you can engage in a professional video conferencing call, you know you don’t have enough bandwidth. When you ask your motorized shades to lower or your doors to lock, and they don’t respond, you realize it's time to explore your options.

Enjoying the Most Reliable Coverage

Today’s smart homes require an enterprise-grade network that can support larger homes with more connected devices. This usually requires multiple Wi-Fi access points. Thanks to Wi-Fi 6 and strategically installed smart access points, you can experience a reliable smart home and a network that supports your family's many activities.

Wi-Fi 6 is the new standard for today’s home automation. It provides speeds up to 70% faster, 50% better coverage with no dead zones, and high-quality Wi-Fi for all users. This enhanced experience is due, in part, to Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA), a long phase that translates to increased efficiency and reduced latency for high-demand environments. Its Target Wait Time feature also conserves battery power, extending the life of the many smart devices that run on batteries. 

Wi-Fi 6 enterprise-grade access points are designed for smart homes. They can handle more devices at once and give you the freedom to roam, using your devices in the far corner of your outdoor areas or the pool house. You also enjoy near enterprise-grade protection with the introduction of WPA3 as the standard security. 

Are you ready to experience a secure, fast, reliable home network? At Hermary’s, we specialize in sophisticated home network installations that provide wired and Wi-Fi connectivity, creating a robust, enterprise-grade system that offers the best performance now and long into the future. To learn more about smart home Wi-Fi or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Hermary’s today.


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