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The Remote That Takes Smart Living to The Next Level


Discover How a Leading Savant Dealer Can Put Control in the Palm of Your Hand 

Living in a Savant smart home is like nothing else! With the tap of an icon on your tablet or smartphone, you control the lighting, audio-video systems, motorized shades, and climate throughout your entire home. But Savant likes to change things up – for the better!  

Last year, Savant unveiled their newly designed remote: the Pro Remote X2. This high-powered remote is designed to deliver a personalized control experience for everyone in the house with backlit buttons and a high-resolution touch screen.  

The X2 offers a full range of services at the touch of a button and also includes voice control, the ability to select video layouts, and other personalization options. Take it anywhere you want in your home for complete smart home control. Keep reading to learn how Hermary’s, a leading Savant dealer in the Bay Area, can help you have a smart-remote experience tailored for you.  

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An Extraordinary Remote 

Don’t get lost in the buttons of your old remote. There are so many. It’s hard to remember which button does what! Savant loves to simplify their products to ensure an enjoyable and seamless user experience. The only hard buttons on the X2 are the necessary ones – nothing complicated. The rest of the controls consist of video tiling layouts on the touch screen. Navigation is easy and fun too – much like using a smartphone app.  

In addition, you can activate your Savant smart home app on any TV. So, if you’re in the middle of watching a movie or TV show, but you want to check your surveillance cameras, pause the show with your remote. Then select the app and view live footage of your property to ensure everything is clear.  

Make It Personal! 

Smart home automation is all about personalization. The Savant Pro Remote X2 comes in three colors – space gray, jet black, and rose gold – and it lets you create custom screen layouts, giving you easy access to the technologies you use the most.  

It’s also easy to carry around with you – even put it in your pocket. Everything is there on your remote. Adjust the lighting, listen to your whole-home audio system, arm the security system, or turn on the TV in any room. If you know how to operate a smartphone or traditional remote, then personalizing the remote is a breeze. You can even customize the hard buttons on it.  

Talk to Your Remote 

Would you rather not push a button or scroll to operate your remote? It’s not necessary with the X2. The remote also comes with voice control integration. Say what you want, and your voice assistant manages everything – handsfree! Would you like to adjust the smart lighting in your kitchen or home theater? Say the words, such as “dinner time” or “movie night,” and your remote adjusts the technologies. For instance, in your private cinema space, it preps your TV or projector and sound system for the main event. Do the same thing with your home security system, indoor temperature, and any other connected technology. 


Want to learn more about this groundbreaking remote and how it can elevate your smart-home living experience? As a leading Savant dealer, Hermary’s can set it up for you. Call us at 415-993-7600 or fill out our online contact form to get started.  

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