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Multi-Room Audio Adds More Music & Entertainment to Your Life


Ditch the Earbuds and One-Room Speaker System. Here’s a Better Way to Listen to Music! 

Louis Armstrong once said, “Music is life itself.” Long before that, Plato wrote, “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.” It’s not hard to notice that people today love their music. Whether they’re listening to songs through earbuds, car speakers, or standalone stereo systems in their homes, the lives of most people move to the rhythm of music.  

Are you one of those music lovers? If so, a multi-room audio system will certainly add more enjoyment to your life and refreshment for your soul. Imagine going from room to room in your Bay Area home listening to the songs you love through high-end speakers. Keep reading to discover the thrilling benefits of having a whole-home audio system.  

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Room-to-Room Musical Entertainment 

Right now, when you want to listen to music in your home, you probably use your earbuds. They are the only way for you to enjoy your favorite songs wherever you go – so you think! Did you know a whole-home sound system provides high-quality and consistent audio across your entire living space? Whole-home speakers from makers like Sonance, Sonos, and Triad bring high-fidelity music into every room in your house. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers and subwoofers give you the highs and lows you want. 

Not Your Average Speakers 

Put aside any thoughts you have about speakers that play Muzac in elevators and doctors’ offices. Premium multi-room speakers deliver a rich and clear sound that is palpable. When the bass drops as you listen to dance music or the music crescendos in a classic piece, you’ll feel it throughout your body and soul. A properly installed and calibrated home audio system (with high-end speakers) lets you hear all the intricacies of your favorite songs at any sound level – whether you like classical, rock music, dance tunes, or country.  

Seamless Control of Everything  

Multi-room music becomes even more enjoyable when you have a smart home control system, such as Savant or Control4. Wherever you are – your bedroom, the home theater, the living room, or your outdoor entertainment area – simply open your smart home tablet or smartphone and play songs in the room of your choice or your entire house.  

If you prefer to go hands-free, then use an integrated voice assistant. Just tell your whole-home sound system to play a song, adjust the volume, or pause the music. It’s as easy and enjoyable to control as all the other smart technologies in your home.  


Fill your home with the sounds you love. Call Hermary’s or fill out our online contact form to see how a multi-room sound system can improve home entertainment. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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