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How Smart Lighting Design Adds Ambiance to Your Home


Change the Look and Feel of These 3 Rooms with a New Lighting Layout

Put a lamp here and a light there, and you’ll achieve the perfect ambiance in your home, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. New lights don’t necessarily mean a new look in your rooms. For lighting design to be effective and impressive, proper light placement and high-quality products are essential.

So, how do you set the perfect lighting mood in every room? It’s easier than you think when depending on Hermary’s to design and install a lighting system. Keep reading to see what customized lighting design and high-end fixtures can do for your home in the Bay Area.

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You Need More Than a Light

Change the way you think about home lighting. While you may have considered lights as simply functional in the past, now they offer so much more than illumination. They set the mood for activities or events in any space. Even though a standard lighting layout provides the illumination you need, it won’t give your home the character you want. Creative lighting design delivers a brighter and more beautiful experience for the mundane and marvelous times in your life. The following are a few rooms that benefit from new lighting.

The Home Theater

Table lamps and recessed lights may illuminate your home theater, but they will not create the majestic movie theater atmosphere you crave. Instead, well-placed wall sconces (modern or classic), floor lights, fiberoptic ceiling lights, and tunable ambient lighting will achieve the cinematic look you want.

The Kitchen & Dining Area

A traditional ceiling light in the kitchen? Is that really enough to provide the lighting you need while cooking? Will it create the mood you want while dining with family or friends? Instead, put a chandelier over your dining room table or an elegant three-light pendant. For meal prep, undercabinet lighting offers a classy way to see what you’re cooking. Don’t forget LED recessed lights over the counters and bar as well.  

The Bathroom

Walk into most residential bathrooms, and you’ll see them: traditional vanity lights over the mirrors. There’s a better way to light your bathroom! Luxury vanity lights are designed to cast you in a much better light. Also, tunable lighted mirrors – front-lit or back-lit – make the room more appealing while offering a softer way to prepare for the day. With the right lighting layout in your bathroom, your room becomes a haven of rest – not simply a room of requirement.

Transform Every Room with Lighting Design

There are many other rooms in your house that can benefit from new lighting design – living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, closets, and outdoor spaces. Hermary’s will design a personalized lighting layout that is ideal for any space in your home.

See your home in a different light. Call us at (415) 993-7600, start a chat on this page, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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