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3 Questions to Help You Choose the Perfect Home Theater System


Match Your Theater Equipment to Your Entertainment Preferences

The neat thing about customizing your home theater system is that you can combine various components to create the movie-watching experience you want. Your home theater should be your retreat, a place to immerse yourself in the latest cinematic adventures of your choosing. Don’t leave this up to some out-of-the-box electronics company to decide! 

If you want a system tailored to your lifestyle and preferences, here are three key questions to help you navigate shopping. Of course, the entertainment experts at Hermary’s are also available to help our Bay Area shoppers.

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#1. How Big and How Bold?

In and around the Bay Area, you’ll find a wide variety of homes. Some are spacious, while others offer more compact living space. The size of your room and how much area you’re willing to give for a home theater space will play a critical role in deciding what type of home theater system you need.

A large-screen 4K or 8K TV is your best bet for working with a small or medium-sized space. OLED TVs deliver breathtaking visuals with such depth and clarity that every scene comes alive.

If you have a large space that will be used to watch feature films, a 4K or 8K projector is the way to go. Not only does this create a more traditional movie theater ambiance, but with a motorized screen, you can put away the cinema and use the room for other purposes as well.

#2. Streaming or Traditional Media?

You’ll need to determine how you plan to source entertainment content. Are you a modern-day streamer, or do you prefer the traditional Blu-ray and DVD versions? If you’ll be streaming, consider a high-quality streaming resource that delivers consistent visuals and sound. You may want to try a media server like those available from Kaleidescape. You can test out or learn more about Kaleidescape at Hermary’s. 

#3. What's Your Ideal Sound?

Sound is vital to the movie-watching experience, and everyone has their preferences. The components you need to make up fantastic audio will depend on what you think is ideal. Here are some options to consider:

  • Standard Surround: A traditional 5.1 setup, complete with a center speaker, left and right channels, rear speakers, and a subwoofer. This classic setup offers perfect surround sound that most viewers will find perfectly enjoyable.

  • Minimalistic: Consider a high-quality soundbar if you prefer a sleeker design with fewer components. With architectural design possibilities, a soundbar can blend perfectly with its surroundings or become part of the overall room design.

  • Immersive Audio: For those seeking complete sound immersion, Dolby Atmos 3D audio takes your home theater to a new level. With a few more speakers than traditional surround sound, immersive audio will perform just like at the cinema.

Bring It All Together

From space constraints to content sources, your needs can be met with a customized home theater system. If you’re in the Bay Area, entrust your home theater build to the entertainment experts at Hermary's. Contact us to help you navigate, design, and enjoy your new home theater system.

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