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3 Myths About Home Theater Systems

A home theater space uses surround sound speakers from Sonance.

Don’t Let One of These Myths Stop You From Building the Home Theater of Your Dreams

We’ve heard many funny things about home theaters over the years. People have said, “it’s not a complete entertainment experience without freshly popped popcorn,” and “you should paint the room black to enjoy the movie more.” But, of course, these things aren’t requirements for a fun home theater experience. These are someone’s “nice-to-haves.”

So, what exactly is a requirement for a home theater system? Continue reading as we debunk three common myths associated with home theater systems in the Bay Area.

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Myth 1: You can’t get the same sound quality as you would in a movie theater.

Wrong. With the right equipment and setup, you can have a home theater that rivals the real thing any day. We’re talking about 3D immersive sound experiences that amplify the experience of going to the cinema entirely.

Surround Sound

Step one is to find your ideal surround sound system like Sonance, B&W, Meridian, or McIntosh. Then, we can install speakers to deliver customized sound experiences to fit your home theater setup.

Acoustic Treatments

The next step is to reduce sound distractions like echoes and outside noise. We can install acoustic treatments like panels, carpeting, or furniture to help absorb audio bounce and reduce echo.

Myth 2: You need a dedicated room for a home theater system.

Again, this needs to be revisited. While a dedicated room is the typical home theater setup, it’s not always possible to dedicate an entire room to entertainment. In these instances, you may choose more of a media room concept. You may find these in open-concept homes or homes with fewer individual rooms. So, what do you need to make a media room work for movies?

  • Lighting control
  • Surround sound
  • Large TV or projector with a screen
  • Cabinets to hold equipment
  • Motorized shades (if windows are a concern)

Myth 3: A home theater is only for watching movies.

We always remind our customers that a home theater has a lot of versatility. You can watch sports, stream TV, play video games, listen to music, and more. As owners, you can use a home theater for activities beyond watching feature films. With the high-end audio and video equipment installed in a home theater, you can raise the experience level for these additional activities.


So, now it’s time to put aside all of the myths you’ve heard about home theater systems and contact us to learn the facts from Hermary’s expert team. We’ll show you how some of our customers have built and utilized their systems. Then, if you have a vision for what you’d like to see in your Bay Area home, we’re the team to bring it to life. 

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