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A Day in the Life with Multi-Room Audio


How a Whole-Home Audio System Adds More Enjoyment to Your Life

Whether you’re dining out, shopping at a retail store, or spending time at an entertainment venue, you’ve likely enjoyed the immersive features of music. Bay Area business owners know that music elevates the experience for their customers. Music does wonders to create a mood and stir emotions like no other media. That’s why they dedicate a portion of their budgets to installing premium speakers throughout their buildings and properties. 

So, the question is, “Why don’t you have a multi-room audio system in your home?” With the tap of a button, you can surround yourself in your favorite songs wherever you roam – creating the perfect mood in any space. Keep reading to see how a whole-home sound system brings more music to your life. 

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Wake Up to Your Favorite Songs

Do you know what’s better than waking up to a blaring alarm clock or a tune from your iPhone? Stirring from sleep with your multi-room audio system playing your favorite songs! Just imagine. As your motorized shades automatically rise at daybreak, your morning playlist streams through in-room speakers. The volume is at the perfect level, and you’ve preselected your songs to help you ease into the morning. 

Then, as you rise and make your way to the bathroom, the smart lighting turns on for you while the music continues to play through bathroom speakers. In fact, the same music can carry over to your kitchen, living room, and outdoor spaces. Isn’t that a better way to start your day?

Spice Up Your Meals with Music

Mealtime is always the right time for music. Whether you’re cooking or enjoying breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it’s easy to create the best mood with music. For instance, if you’ve got your hands full while preparing a meal, speak to your smart home voice assistant to stream a playlist. Or, if you’re enjoying a cup of coffee, listen to the morning news through your in-ceiling kitchen speakers. 

In the evening, crank up the system to hear high-fidelity music from your favorite artists while the family gets ready to enjoy a meal together. For a romantic dinner, set the music and the lighting to create a warm atmosphere for your date or partner.

Why Not Take the Tunes Outside?

Multi-room audio isn’t limited to indoor spaces. A few taps on your tablet or smartphone app, and you can play music through outdoor speakers on your pool deck, patio, outdoor kitchen, or throughout your entire lawn. For instance, outdoor speakers from Sonance create a surround-sound experience right on your property. When properly installed, they offer consistent and high-performance audio no matter where you’re located. Host parties, watch TV outside, and enjoy an audiophile-listening experience with your outdoor speakers – fully integrated with your whole-home sound system. 

Make music come alive in every area of your house. Find out more by calling Hermary’s at (415) 993-7600, chatting with us on this page, or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to making your home more musical!

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